RPC Server

The Old Faithful RPC server allows you to run a Solana compatible RPC server to service data from various sources. The RPC server currently supports:

  • getBlock
  • getTransaction
  • getSignaturesForAddress

It can query data from multiple locations:

  • old-faithful.net archives hosted by Triton One
  • Local files either generated by yourself or downloaded from old-faithful.net, see old-faithful.net for more details
  • Filecoin, you can use the faithful-cli to directly interface with the Filecoin network for data access
  • Any HTTP source that supports HTTP RANGE requests, to host your own archives see details about hosting

Quickstart: RPC server from old-faithful.net

The Quickstart RPC server is useful for testing and development. It allows you to spin up an RPC server that hosts a single epoch, either from Filecoin or from CAR files/indexes hosted locally on filesystem or on a separate HTTP endpoint. The quickstart server is available with the commands faithful-cli rpc.

We are hosting data on old-faithful.net for testing and cloning purposes. This allows you to run a sample test server without downloading any data. There is a simple tool that you can run for this available from https://github.com/rpcpool/yellowstone-faithful/tree/main/tools. You can run a fully remote server like this:

$ ./tools/run-rpc-server-remote.sh 0

This will create a server that hosts epoch 0.

If you want to test a recent epoch you can run:

$ ./tools/run-rpc-server-remote.sh 475

While this is a possible runtime scenario, for blocks this is very, very slow. We recommend downloading indexes locally but keeping the data remote for good performance. See this more as a demonstration that a fully remote use scenario is theoretically possible. More details about how to run with local indexes can be found here.

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