Indexes will be needed to map Solana’s block numbers, transaction signatures and addresses to their respective Content Identifiers. These indexes will be developed as part of this project. There are three content identifier indexes kinds that the Old Faithful index generation can provide:

  • slot-to-cid: Lookup a CID based on a slot number
  • tx-to-cid: Lookup a CID based on a transaction signature
  • cid-to-offset-and-size: Index for a specific CAR file, used by the local rpc server (see above) to find CIDs in a car file
  • sig-exists: Index for quick checking whether a specific signature exists in an epoch or not.

In addition to these Old Faithful supports an index called gsfa that maps Solana addresses to a list of transaction signatures.

Index generation

Once the radiance tooling has been used to prepare a car file (or if you have downloaded a car file externally) you can generate indexes from this car file by using the faithful-cli index command. The command has the following usage:

   faithful CLI index - Create various kinds of indexes for CAR files.

   faithful CLI index command [command options] [arguments...]

   Create various kinds of indexes for CAR files.

   all            Create all the necessary indexes for a Solana epoch.
   help, h        Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --help, -h  show help

For example, to generate the three indexes cid-to-offset, slot-to-cid, sig-to-cid, sig-exists you would run:

faithful-cli index all ./

This would generate the required indexes in the current dir for epoch-107.

The optional GSFA index would need to be run separately as follows:

faithful-cli index gsfa ./